BREAKING NEWS: I am Changing the Rules

1 November 2011 by , No Comments

The Rules of Real Estate Investing are changing forever¡­and I’m changing them.

Bold statement? First, assume I am humble, We will both have more fun that way ;-)

Let me explain.

The standards that we have followed in real estate until now have produced only “hopeful” investors who are still “waiting” for their first deal. But in reality it’s just too tedious, time consuming and risky, so the masses quit before they ever see the fruit of their labor. Even I myself had struggled for over a year, trying to find a better way than working 70 hours a week hands on, in the trenches in my real estate investing business, only to close a measly deal or two a month. I knew there had to be a better way¡­ so I resolved to find it. And after months of frustration, and countless trial and error, I found it. And you won’t believe it! ¡­It is not a tip, and it is not a trick or technique- it is a complete paradigm shift in the way you do business.

The Shift is AUTOMATION!

The whole industry is changing right before your eyes.

Currently, believe it or not, it is very possible for anyone with a proven system, to make 5 figures a month, working 5-10 hours a week. For you to believe this, I will need to extensively detail out the new rules of real estate and also reveal the rules that no longer bind you like a slave to a master. First, let¡¯s set some ground rules.

*I am a real person, who actively buys and sells real estate on an automated system, fully outsourced to Virtual and Personal Assistants and make a large 6-figure income in my personal real estate business.

*And I also teach investors to be on the cutting edge of automation and outsourcing in their real estate investing businesses to do the same.

Face it! We don¡¯t live in a black and white box anymore. Nor does tunnel vision exist on how to buy and sell houses. Technology has redefined Real Estate and I am officially changing the Rules. Period.

I will begin to unravel in every post the paradigm shifts you must have to be successful and I will go into specific details as to what rules I have changed and step-by-step tips on what to do to follow the new path in the 21st century of real estate. So, stay tuned.

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